VAST combines a series of innovations to radically change the flash cost vs. capacity equation, democratizing the utility of flash for all data and all applications. The result: no more slow and failure-prone hard drives, no more complex storage tiers. What’s left is nothing but a dramatically simplified and universal storage experience where applications benefit from being able to store and access all of their data in real time.

Since shipping customer-ready systems in late 2018, VAST has established itself as the fastest-selling storage company in history. Every day, organizations across diverse industries and across four continents are more and more modernizing their analytics, content, computing and AI infrastructure with Universal Storage.

In an ideal world, every application would be powered by flash. Until now, customers have never been able to afford a true, all-flash data center because the cost differences between hard drive and flash storage systems have been prohibitive. VAST marries innovative new algorithms on top of new hardware and network technologies to completely change the calculus of flash ownership and to eliminate the economic arguments for mechanical media.

Once customers realize that they can move beyond the hard drive, they also realize that the same motivations that have driven organizations toward tiered and complex storage architectures also no longer apply. VAST’s Universal Storage combines exabyte levels of scalability with multi-tenant quality of service tools in order to make it possible to consolidate all data and all applications onto one scale-out tier of flash. Everything is simple when you no longer need to move data across silos of infrastructure.