Automatrix Technology

Automatrix converges the five critical data functions: primary storage, backup, DR, encryption, and mobility with unparalleled performance. DVX and Cloud DVX include backup, policy automation, and data mobility infrastructure in a way that also accelerates DevOps copy management.

Built-in NoBackup™ Data Protection

By integrating a catalog and policy engine over per-workload snaps, clones, and replication, on a data services foundation with always-on data reduction, a single DVX system can serve primary storage fast and backup workloads efficiently with instant RTO and verified test recovery multiple times a day.

DevOps Copy Management

When workload snaps, clones, and instant restarts are available, processes like Jenkins can go 40% faster.

Elastic Replication

Data mobility across clouds starts with super-efficient workload replication. Datrium delivers with universal dedupe and compression for WAN optimization, scaling using hosts as data movers, one-click throttling options, and most-recent-first WAN recovery.

Public Cloud as a New Backup Target

Understand the technology behind Cloud DVX that enables users to leverage the public cloud as a new backup target.

Data Integrity

Automatrix continuous data verification delivers the best data integrity in the industry. It delivers tier-1 reliability, zero-click management, built-in data protection, and zero data loss with the highest levels of performance.

DVX: Disaggregated HCI With Converged Primary, Backup, and Disaster Recovery

The industry’s fastest and most resilient DHCI system, with built-in Blanket Encryption, backup, market leading cost efficiency, and seamless integration with Datrium DRaaS.

Performance at Scale

Split Provisioning maintains primary data in host flash for lowest possible latency while storing a copy on a resilient data node for long term protection. Performance and capacity scale independently for up to 128 stateless hosts.

Built-In Backup & Recovery

DVX built-in backup and DR delivers instant recovery from millions of searchable, point-in-time, application-consistent backups of VM-granular assets. Snapshot backups are nearly instantaneous with no performance impact; RPO is in minutes. Automated, policy-based VM Backup and DR are fully integrated into a common data plane, not separate silos, all managed from a vCenter plug-in. Instantly recover from disasters or ransomware attacks.

Always-On Efficiency and Security

Compression, deduplication, encryption, and highly resilient erasure coding with no performance impact are always on. DVX customers regularly achieve 3-6x data reduction from Automatrix technology without compromising efficiency, speed, or security, while getting significantly more efficient and predictable high availability than traditional HCI. Data is always protected while in use on the host, across the network, and at rest.

Zero Storage Management

All primary, backup, and DR data are managed through vCenter as VM-centric assets. Autonomous policy management protects, replicates, and recovers groups of assets so admins can search globally to find recent or old backups for DR and ransomware recovery.

Best ROI in the Market

Use your existing servers and flash while reducing your data center footprint for minimum infrastructure costs. Reduce IT management time and speed deployment for IT productivity gains. Improve application response times to delight customers and increase revenue.

Compute Node

Leverages surplus host CPU for all data services, including erasure coding, data reduction, encryption, data mgmt. Maintains all VM data in local flash for ultra-low latency performance, outperforming all flash arrays by up to 4X with flash or NVMe at a fraction of the cost. All Compute Nodes are stateless so maintenance is simple and data availability assured.

Data Node

Pre-configured with fully redundant, hot swappable components.  Includes mirrored NVRAM for fast writes, and quad 10GbE or dual 25GbE network ports with load balancing and path failover. Capacity optimized with always-on global dedupe, compression and erasure coding for either disk-based (lowest cost) or flash-based (highest performance) data nodes.

3rd Party Compute Node

Any server-type is supported, including blades and quad-socket servers. Combine any vendor, any generation server, and any configuration within a single DVX.

DVX Software Features

Split Provisioning

For the first time, a server powered converged infrastructure system can provide fully independent scaling of host storage speed and persistent capacity to simply and incrementally match resources to evolving tenant requirements. Add only the resources you need, when you need it. Scale up to 128 compute nodes, 250 GB/s and 18M IOPS, and up to a petabyte of capacity across up to 10 data nodes.

Insane Mode

IO processing leverages up to 20% of surplus local CPU. Where additional CPU is available, Insane Mode can double per-host performance in-place and on-demand by reserving up to 40% of processing resources.

Dedupe, Compression and Erasure Coding

Always-on declustered erasure coding protects cold as well as hot data with only 25% overhead. All data is deduplicated and compressed before being written to compute node flash, then globally deduplicated across all compute nodes once written to data nodes.

Blanket Encryption

100% software-based, combining always-on, efficient data reduction technology with high-speed encryption end-to-end, protecting data in-use at the host, in-flight across the network and at-rest on persistent storage.

Data Cloud Foundation

Start with a massively scalable VM backup catalog called ‘Snapstore’. Snap and instantly recover not only VMs, but vDisks as well, important if you want to recover data without taking powering off your VM or reconfiguring a new one.  Logical groupings of VMs or Containers are called protection groups. For each protection group, set snapshot backup schedules, replication targets, etc. Finally, Dynamic Policy Binding auto-includes new VMs into a protection group based on naming convention.

Elastic Replication

A flexible, server powered replication technology where snapshots are replicated host to host, flash to flash. The more hosts involved, the faster replication happens. A variety of topologies are supported – many to 1, 1 to many, bidirectional, etc. Replication is encrypted end to end and fully WAN-optimized with only deduped, changed data sent over the wire.

Cloud DVX: Backup Your Data to the Public Cloud

Cloud Backup Vault for DVX and DRaaS

On-demand, integrated, SaaS-based secure offsite store for backup and DR images leveraging AWS S3 low-cost storage.

SaaS Offering: Self-Healing, Fully Managed

Cloud DVX is automatically managed by Datrium along with DVX on-premises or as part of Datrium DRaaS. You just identify which asset groups you want protected and Cloud DVX does the rest. Cloud DVX is self-healing should any issues with its public cloud infrastructure arise.

Cost-Effective: Forever-Incremental, Globally Deduped and Compressed on S3

Automatrix, the underlying technology of Datrium products, includes always-on data reduction (deduplication, compression, erasure coding) and forever-incremental backups to reduce S3 storage cost/month and egress recovery costs. Backups retain native storage format without expensive data transformation and rehydration anywhere in the backup/restore cycle.

Built-In WAN Optimization for Fast Backup and Economical Recovery

Global deduplication ensures that data is transferred across the WAN only when it doesn’t already exist in the other location. When retrieving data from AWS S3, Cloud DVX uses the same method, so only changed data is sent significantly reducing egress costs.

Fast VM and File Recovery from Disasters and Ransomware

VM recovery to DVX is faster with global dedupe and forever incremental backups that avoid sending full copies. As a component of Datrium DRaaS, Cloud DVX enables instant recovery of VMs to VMware Cloud on AWS directly from AWS S3. Cloud DVX can manage over a million backups, allowing a deep set of recovery points for situations ranging from operational file recovery to ransomware mitigation.

Elastic On-Demand Capacity and Flexible Topologies

Cloud DVX can scale to support petabytes of capacity and support a broad variety of enterprise topologies. Enterprises with one to many on premises sites combined with one to many Cloud DVX sites can all be supported with the flexible configurations of Cloud DVX.

DRaaS: Disaster Recovery as a Service with VMware Cloud on AWS

Failproof Cloud DR for All VMware Workloads

Get failproof DR with instant RTO for all of your VMware workloads wherever they’re running. Automatically failover from an SDDC in one Availability Zone (AZ) to another AZ with DRaaS Connect for VMware Cloud. Use DRaaS for all vSphere on-premises infrastructure including Datrium DVX as well as SAN, NAS, and HCI systems. Plus, ControlShift automatically checks your plan for health and compliance every 30 minutes, so you can be confident your DR is going to work when you need it.

10x More Cost-Efficient DR

Fail over to on-demand VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC targets using ControlShift DR plans and store forever incremental, native backups in S3. DR sites are ready when needed, in the cloud, whether for testing or actual failover. Pay for SDDC only when you need it while your data is ready to use on low-cost AWS S3. Efficiently fail back with minimal AWS egress charges by transferring only changed and globally deduplicated data. Select from a broad range of DR sites around the world.

Instant RTO Restart from Recent Snapshots or Deep Backups on S3

Easily restart instantly from recent snapshots or backups that are months or years old. With converged backup and DR, you have millions of point-in-time consistent recovery points to choose from, so you can quickly restore your entire data center. That can be critical for ransomware attacks, which often only become apparent months after the initial event. Achieve instant RTO with zero copy and no rehydration as ESX hosts directly mount a live NFS datastore hosted in AWS.

Continuous Compliance and Efficient DR

Achieve failproof DR for lower business risk. ControlShift automatically checks your plan for health and compliance every 30 minutes, so you can be confident your DR plan is going to work when you need it. Built-in audit reports help you meet your compliance objectives. Automatically failover and failback.

Consistent Operating Environment On Premises and in the Cloud

Simplify the management of your cloud, on-premises, and DR sites. Datrium DRaaS maintains VMs in their native vSphere format and eliminates the need for brittle and time-consuming VM disk format conversions. Manage both your cloud DR site and production sites with vCenter and retain access to familiar abstractions such as clusters, resource pools, data stores, virtual switches, and port groups following a failover.

ControlShift: Workload Mobility and DR Orchestration

Datrium ControlShift is a cloud-based, workload and disaster recovery (DR) orchestration service for site-to-site mobility.

Failproof DR

ControlShift automatically checks your DR plan for health and compliance every 30 minutes, so you can be confident your plan is going to work when you need it. All data and backups are validated multiple times each day. Data is encrypted from host memory to the cloud, so you are 100% secure. ControlShift provides comprehensive resource mapping and sequencing for DR plans, including mapping for sites, protection groups, datastores, VMware vCenters, and IP addresses.

One-Click Failover and Failback

SaaS automates every step of your DR plan between on-premises sites, so you don’t have to manage multiple products for primary, backup, and DR orchestration. No hardware or software to install, configure, integrate, diagnose, or maintain at multiple sites. Datrium orchestrates everything for on-prem sites, so you can execute your DR plan with a single click. Flexible enough to support many different types of topologies between protected sites, backup sites, and failover sites.

Instant RTO for DR

VMs are restarted directly from millions of searchable point-in-time backups stored at the DR site for instant Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Native storage-level snapshots ensure a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) in as little as 5 minutes without negatively impacting performance or capacity.

Recover from Disaster or Ransomware

Easily recover with recent snapshots or backups from months or years ago. This recovery point depth is critical for ransomware attacks, which often only become apparent months after the initial event.

Isolated DR Testing

Isolated DR test environments avoid any effects on production workloads or on actual failovers that might be necessary during a test. Specify separate test mappings for data stores, folders, compute resources, IP addresses, and any other resources appropriate to test a DR plan.

Datrium is...


5X lower latency than all-flash. High performance density–up to 100 effective TBs of server flash–means all read I/O stays local, eliminating SAN latency.
Adding servers adds speed. With server-based I/O resources, your Datrium DVX gets faster as you add more servers, up to 32 per DVX.
More speed at your fingertips. Use Insane Mode to accelerate your VM with a button click or use vMotion to move your VM to an under-utilized server.


BYO Server and Flash. Use any mainstream server, including blades and “brownfield.” And server-flash is about 1/8th array-flash cost.
2-to-6X Data Reduction. Dedupe and compression are in-line always-on. And global deduplication keeps capacity low across all servers.
Scale I/O Speed and Capacity Independently. You can add flash without adding hosts and additional software licenses.


You already know how to use it. Datrium is VM-centric, so there are no LUNs or disks to manage, and you can provision new VMs up to 4X faster.
Take the guess work out of DEV/OPS. Real-time VM analytics provides per-VM statistics for powerful monitoring and simplified troubleshooting.
Always fast, always efficient. Advanced features like erasure coding and dedupe/compression are always-on for all data, there is zero configuration planning


Mix Workloads and Scale Massively. Host isolation eliminates neighbor noise so consolidating and scaling diverse workloads are predictable.
Server Failure Tolerance. Take servers down without lengthy data rebuilds and your data remains available even if multiple hosts fail.
Blanket Encryption. End-to-end encryption with data reduction to secure your data in-use, in-flight and at-rest.

Solutions We Offer

The challenges you face at your place of business demand fully-functional, targeted solutions. If you have a need or particular pain point – be it a desire to address primary storage, backup, disaster recovery, or an archive project – we can help.