• The Problem

    Everyone agrees that the purpose of the IT infrastructure is to serve the business applications that run on it. However, a snapshot of today's modern IT environment is one of complexity, cost, and inflexibility that inhibits the IT staff from effectively supporting the business. This complexity arose over the last decade from the best intentions-IT teams are continually striving to grow, adopt and innovate. However, to do that, IT teams with large budgets have been forced into deploying point hardware and software products that address single requirements-such as WAN optimization, performance acceleration, deduplication, or cloud integration. These products are not designed to work well together and are very expensive. The result is an infrastructure that is complex and inflexible. The problem is exacerbated in an increasingly virtualized and cloud-integrated world. The true value of virtualization and the cloud is blocked by this infrastructure clutter.

    The problem is worse for IT teams in smaller environments. They have been forced to make painful tradeoffs-living without core functionality like remote disaster protection and cloud connectivity because the high cost of these infrastructure add-ons prevents them from implementing these key requirements.

    What is the root cause that drives IT to adopt this complex tangle of appliances? The problem stems from today's inflexible IT infrastructure that cannot accommodate changes or allow the IT team to add functionality or performance without adding another device. At the root of the problem is the antiquated data architecture that is not well suited for a world where the vast majority of applications run on virtual machines. In this new world, VMs are born to be mobile and destined to communicate with the cloud, but data remains tied to the antiquated infrastructure-locked up in coarse-grained, large, expensive containers.

    The Need

    SimpliVity recognized that to truly solve the IT complexity problem requires not only a new product, but a fundamentally new data architecture-one that is designed to foster the flexibility and data mobility that virtualization and cloud integration demand. Such an architecture is required to deliver an infrastructure solution that meets the demands on the modern, virtualized IT environment: A modular IT building block designed specifically to serve virtual machines and deliver simple but massive scale-out, cloud integration, data mobility within and across data centers, intelligent data movement across tiers of media, and native data protection.

    The Solution

    OmniCube is a 2U VM optimized building block that assimilates core storage and server capabilities with the complete set of IT data management functionality required in today's IT environment. It delivers this functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure products and with an extreme reduction in complexity. Two or more OmniCube systems are deployed in a network, creating an OmniCube Global Federation, a massively scalable pool of shared resources that provides intelligent data movement within and across data centers, globally and to the Cloud.

    Because of its elegant design and comprehensive feature set, OmniCube is the ideal platform to serve the VMs that run today's most popular business applications: Exchange, SharePoint, transactional databases, VDI, web applications, file services, and customer applications.

    Baseline Services

    High Availability: full high availability with no single point of failure.
    Performance: optimized for IO intensive workloads.
    Serviceability: extensive reporting, alerting and call home capabilities.

    Advanced Functionality

    Simplified, Elastic Scale-Out: the Federation scales simply by adding one OmniCube unit at a time, on demand.
    Inline and Fast Deduplication and Compression: all data - across its lifecycle and geographies, including the public cloud - is deduplicated and compressed on ingest without impact to performance.
    Bandwidth Efficient Replication: efficient data transfer among OmniCubes across remote data centers and to the cloud.
    Instant Data Protection: policy engine allows for VM-level backup and replication by a user defined RPO.
    Global VM-Centric Management: ability to perform all day to day management operations on a per VM basis.
    Public Cloud Integration: data can be efficiently moved to/from the public cloud.
    Cache Accelerated Performance: provides high speed access to the most important data.

    Interoperability with Existing Virtual Servers

    Interoperability is critical when any new components are added to the IT infrastructure. In addition to running as a fully assimilated infrastructure, OmniCube systems are able to provide storage services to existing servers running VMs in the environment. Simply share the SimpliVity datastore to the servers and allow the resident virtual machines to take advantage of the advanced OmniCube features and functionality.


    At the root of OmniCube is the underlying technology-called OmniStack™-designed for today's virtualized, cloud-enabled world. OmniStack is an innovative combination of advanced software and intelligent hardware that creates an entirely new data architecture. Fundamental to this architecture is the management of very fine grain data elements of only a few KB. This is accomplished through fast inline deduplication and compression that occurs as the data is created or ingested by the system. The intelligent management of such small data elements makes the data mobility and fluidity possible, and underlies key functionality of scale out, replication, high availability, and cloud integration. The OmniStack Solutions incorporates 3 unique core innovations that SimpliVity brings to market:

    • Virtual Resource Assimilator™: A single software stack that assimilates the functionality of multiple traditional IT infrastructure products into a single shared x86 resource pool.
    • Data Virtualization Engine™: A novel data architecture where all data is compressed, deduplicated and optimized at inception, inline with no impact to application performance.
    • Global Federated Architecture™: An intelligent network of collaborative systems that provide massive scale-out as well as a VM-centric single point of management.

  • SimpliVity offers a range of hardware models within the OmniCube portfolio, each optimized for differing environments and use cases. Under the covers it leverages a common underlying technology powering a range of IT infrastructure from SME to high performance workloads in High End Enterprise customer environments.

    Specs CN-1200 CN-2400 CN-3400 CN-5400
    Targeted Use-Case Remote Office, Branch Office (ROBO) sites with up to 20 Virtual Machines. All workloads. All workloads in small to medium environments, ROBO, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) Majority of workloads across a wide range of environments, in small, medium and large enterprises. Ultra high-performance application workloads for enterprises and cloud providers.
    Configuration 2 x 400GB SSD
    4 x 1 TB 7.2K HDD
    2 x 400GB SSD
    8 x 1 TB 7.2K HDD
    4 x 400GB SSD1
    20 x 1 TB 7.2K HDD1
    4 x 400GB SSD
    20 x 1.2 TB 10K HDD
    Effective Capacity 2 – 4TB2 5 – 10TB2 18 – 36TB2 20 – 40TB2
    CPU Single Intel E5-2650v2 8 Cores Single or Dual Intel E5-2600v3 8–28 Cores Single or Dual Intel E5-2600v3 8–28 Cores Single or Dual Intel E5-2600v3 8–28 Cores
    RAM Usable Capacity 50– 82 GB3 71–327 GB Single CPU
    71–1443 GB Dual CPU3
    98–284 GB Single CPU
    156–1400 GB Dual CPU3
    92–284 GB Single CPU
    284–1400 GB Dual CPU3
    Network Connections 2 x 10 Gbe (SFP+) & 2 x 1 Gbe (RJ45) 2 x 10 Gbe (SFP+) & 2 x 1 Gbe (RJ45); Plus up to 3 for Dual CPU: 2 x 10 Gbe (SFP+), 2 x 1 Gbe (RJ45) or 4 x 1 Gbe (RJ45)4 2 x 10 Gbe (SFP+) & 2 x 1 Gbe (RJ45); Plus up to 3 for Dual CPU: 2 x 10 Gbe (SFP+), 2 x 1 Gbe (RJ45) or 4 x 1 Gbe (RJ45)4 2 x 10 Gbe (SFP+) & 2 x 1 Gbe (RJ45); Plus up to 3 for Dual CPU: 2 x 10 Gbe (SFP+), 2 x 1 Gbe (RJ45) or 4 x 1 Gbe (RJ45)4
    Physical Dimensions 3.44"H x 17.5"W x 28.5"D (30.5"with bezel) 3.44"H x 17.5"W x 29.75"D (31.5"with bezel) 3.44"H x 17.5"W x 29.75"D (31.5"with bezel) 3.44"H x 17.5"W x 29.75"D (31.5"with bezel)
    Weight 65 LBs (29.5 kg) 65 LBs (29.5 kg) 71.5 LBs (32.4 kg) 71.5 LBs (32.4 kg)
    Power Supply Dual 750W 100/240VAC @ 50/60HZ (auto-sensing) Dual 1100W 100/240VAC @ 50/60HZ (auto-sensing) Dual 1100W 100/240VAC @ 50/60HZ (auto-sensing) Dual 1100W 100/240VAC @ 50/60HZ (auto-sensing)

    1 Supports data-at-rest encryption. Models with self-encrypting drives available.
    2 Effective capacity varies by environment, and is a function of realized deduplication and compression rates. The capacities mentioned above offer a conservative range based on compression and deduplication rates found in standard, primary storage use cases.
    3 Usable RAM represents estimated memory resources available to virtual applications.
    4 For dual CPU models, three additional slots are available for any combination of these NICs - 2 x 10 Gbe (SFP+), 2 x 1 Gbe (RJ45) or 4 x 1 Gbe (RJ45).

  • The underlying technology within OmniCube is OmniStack™, a collection of many patent-pending innovations, delivering an entirely new means of storing, managing, protecting, mobilizing and sharing data across a global intelligent network of collaborative systems. By creating a massively scalable shared pool of x86 resources for the virtualized environment, OmniStack™ delivers on the promise of a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) today.

    OmniStack consists of the following core elements:

    Virtual Resource Assimilator™

    A single software stack that assimilates the functionality of up to 12 traditional IT products into one (Hyper Convergence), creating an efficient shared x86 resource pool (Software Defined Data Center). SimpliVity leverages commodity server platforms and 10GbE networks to deliver highly performing and highly functioning enterprise IT. SimpliVity's patent-pending OmniCube software, along with the OmniCube Accelerator, infuse this commodity hardware with both intelligence and performance to create a high performance, high functionality, VM-optimized 2U cloud building block. The products that SimpliVity displaces include primary storage, servers, backup and protection products, deduplication appliances, WAN optimization appliances, SSD arrays, SSD cache arrays, public cloud gateways and replication appliances to name a few.

    Data Virtualization Engine™

    A new data architecture, whereby all data is deduped, compressed, and optimized at inception, inline, fast, with no impact to performance. This is done through the OmniStack Accelerator, a SimpliVity specially designed PCIe card. Data is handled at a fine grain of 4KB-8KB once and forever; across all phases of the data lifecycle (primary, backup, WAN, archive, and on the cloud), on all tiers within a system (DRAM, flash/SSD and HDD), data centers, geographies, and the public cloud. Click here to download the DVE Whitepaper.

    Global Federated Architecture™

    The underlying technology that enables an intelligent network of collaborative systems, providing massive scale-out capabilities as well as VM-centric management through a single unified interface for the entire global infrastructure. This enables a single administrator to manage all data centers and branch offices, located anywhere globally, while giving the administrator the visibility and control to take action on a per-VM basis. The result is the OmniCube Global Federation, which delivers local HA and data protection within the data center, remote replication for disaster recovery across data centers, data movement to and from the Public Cloud, and the global management of all virtual machines throughout the Federation.

    OmniCube Accelerator™

    To enable real-time deduplication and compression without performance impact, the OmniCube system relies on the OmniCube Accelerator; a specialized PCIe module that offloads the compute intensive tasks such as compression and deduplication.

    OmniCube Software

    Each OmniCube system includes an instance of OmniCube Software that runs as a virtual machine on the system called the SimpliVity Virtual Controller™ (SVC). Among other innovations, the software delivers a virtual data store for all VMs running in the datacenter. This includes the VMs running directly on an OmniCube system and/or those that are running on traditional servers in the environment. This virtual data store allows VM admins to easily and simply provision, manage, and expand the storage for their VMs, and is therefore a key aspect of OmniCube's simplification of the IT infrastructure.

  • SimpliVity's OmniCube™ is the industry's first truly assimilated platform family, designed and optimized for the VM environment. Delivered as a simple 2U block, OmniCube encompasses all of the requisite IT infrastructure features and functionality, automated and dedicated to servicing the VMs. Below are some of the key features that come with OmniCube.

    VM Centricity

    The SimpliVity OmniCube provides VM-centric Management in order to simplify deploying and managing the virtual infrastructure, so IT teams can now manage their VMs instead of the underlying infrastructure.

    All analysis, reporting, actions and management tasks in the SimpliVity OmniCube are VM-centric to eliminate the disconnect that exists between vSphere and traditional storage arrays. This means all storage related policies, actions, and monitoring are accomplished on a per-VM basis. This allows the virtual administrator to set a backup and replication policy for a virtual machine regardless of what datastore it resides in. It means a single VM can be migrated or failed over to another data center instead of having to move an entire datastore. The SimpliVity vCenter plugin empowers the virtual admin to complete all of these tasks through a single user interface: the vSphere client. The GUI allows for the view of a given VM, and all of its copies, across the globe including the Cloud.

    OmniCube works seamlessly within the VMware environment through its VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration) integration. This enables the OmniCube to provide hardware acceleration for VMware cloning workflows. It also enables VMware Clones to now take advantage of the deduplication and compression capabilities offered by the OmniCube.

    OmniCube is fully compatible with VMware vSphere. All standard vSphere tools and operations work exactly as expected, including: vMotion, Storage vMotion, HA, DRS, and cloning. OmniCube is designed to be the industry's best platform for vSphere.

    Global Unified Management

    The SimpliVity OmniCube offers Global Unified Management across all the OmniCube systems, wherever they may be, to be managed from a Single Point of Management in the vSphere Client. The virtual administrator can now manage an entire global federation of OmniCubes from the same vSphere console where they do their traditional VMware management activities. This global awareness empowers the administrator to manage all the OmniCube systems in the Federation as a single share resource pool, rather than focusing on each one of them having its own individual management interface. This enables them to now plan their operations at a truly global scale by managing activities like adding new nodes, removing old nodes, powering down systems, creating VMs and data protection from a single place thereby dramatically reducing the need for additional resources or more training for existing resources on multiple GUIs.

    Simplified, Elastic Scale Out

    At its core, OmniCube is a simple, atomic IT building block providing core server and storage resources to serve the VM environment. An OmniCube system is always part of a Federation-a network of two or more OmniCubes that provides an elastic, infinitely scalable pool of shared resources. Scaling is as simple as adding a new OmniCube to the Federation. An OmniCube can be added to the Federation completely online. The shared resource pool automatically expands the server and storage resources available. Existing VMs and their data automatically make use of the new resources in the Federation. With OmniCube, users may scale one unit at a time, on demand, in a few simple steps. Instead of trying to guess at the infrastructure requirements 3 years out, simply scale when needed. This allows end users to right-size the environment instead of oversizing it.

    Global Deduplication and Compression

    At the core of the OmniCube data architecture is an advanced real-time Data Virtualization Engine™ - a new data architecture, whereby all data is deduplicated, compressed, and optimized at inception, inline, fast, with no impact to performance. This is done through the OmniCube Accelerator, a SimpliVity specially designed PCIe card. Data is handled at a fine grain of 4KB-8KB once and forever; across all phases of the data lifecycle (primary, backup, WAN, archive, and on the cloud), all tiers within a system (DRAM, flash/SSD and HDD), data centers, geographies, and the public cloud. This not only saves capacity within a given system, but fosters all of the core functionality required in today's environment: data mobility, intelligent use of flash media, infrastructure flexibility, and cloud integration.

    VM-Centric Data Protection

    OmniCube includes powerful data protection functionality that allows the administrator to establish and manage backup and disaster recovery policies on a per-VM basis. This VM-centric data protection enables backup and DR processes that are an order of magnitude more simple and efficient than storage array snapshotting or replication. Because all data is deduplicated and compressed inline, storing them is much more efficient compared to traditional methods.

    OmniCube offers a simple policy-based framework to manage all the backups in the system. The backup policy for a virtual machine specifies how frequently backups are taken, how long they are kept, and in which data center they are stored (either local or a remote data center in the Federation). The public cloud is simply another destination option.

    Policies may be applied to one or multiple VMs in any data center with a single click. Further, OmniCube allows users to attach a backup policy to a VM such that the policy would move along with the VM through vMotion, DRS rules, and other actions that allow the VMs to change hosts. This allows the VM to be protected all the time wherever it may be.

    Through the GUI in vCenter, the full list of backup copies of a given machine are displayed, and the user may select the copy and the destination data center for restore.

    Click Here to download the DeepStorage Report on VM-centric data protection.

    Bandwidth Efficient Replication for DR

    OmniCube delivers a simple but powerful Disaster Recovery solution to the virtual admin. Replication can occur between any two datacenters within a Federation as well as to the Cloud. The virtual administrator simply enables replication through the native data protection engine and sets any remote datacenter as the destination for the backup of a given VM. Because all data is deduplicated and compressed, the data transfer is extremely efficient, offering massive bandwidth savings.

    This powerful but low cost DR solution allows IT teams to bring new levels of data protection to their applications that have historically been too cost prohibitive to protect via remote replication.

    Public Cloud Integration

    The Cloud is a significant part of the IT infrastructure today, and as such is a core attribute of OmniCube. OmniCube Cloud is a software instance of OmniCube deployed on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment that is seamlessly integrated into the global Federation for offsite backup and long-term, cost-effective archive storage. The Federation extends to include OmniCube Cloud system that run in the AWS's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and participate in the Federation just like any other member. They can be managed from the same UI as the rest of the OmniCubes. This setup now enables a protection policy to move data to and from the cloud the same way it is moved between data centers. All the data that is backed up to OmniCube Cloud is encrypted right when it leaves the customer data center in-flight to the Amazon Cloud and remains encrypted for the rest of its life in the Cloud.

    Resource Pooling

    OmniCube provides a single software stack that assimilates the functionality of up to 12 traditional IT products into one (Hyper Convergence), creating an efficient single shared x86 resource pool (Software Defined Data Center). SimpliVity leverages commodity server platforms and 10GbE networks to deliver highly performing and highly functioning enterprise IT. When an OmniCube joins a Federation, all of its compute and storage resources are made available to the other OmniCube systems in the data center. The OmniCube systems can utilize resources across the Federation, creating a powerful, yet elegantly simple virtualized data store.

    This elastic pool brings to life many of the core OmniCube features, including high availability, simplified scale out, and cache-accelerated performance.

    Cache Accelerated Performance

    OmniCube comes pre-configured with several layers of caching media, which are used to deliver maximum IO performance to the demanding applications. A key aspect of the underlying OmniStack technology is a series of intelligent algorithms that identify the "hot" data and place it within the caching media. Moreover, OmniCube is extremely efficient in its use of this more expensive media given its management of fine grain globally deduped and compressed data elements. The result is a lower cost system that delivers the IO performance required for the demanding datasets in the datacenter.

    Enterprise Table Stakes

    OmniCube is designed to run the VMs and the applications that drive the business. As such, it is the custodian and access point of the customers lifeblood-its data. SimpliVity takes that role seriously and has delivered the core, baseline functionality that the modern datacenter demands of an infrastructure solution. This includes multiple features that we believe are table-stakes for an Enterprise level product such as OmniCube.


    OmniCube is designed to be highly robust and reliable using industry tested hardware components. It offers a highly availability infrastructure with no single point of failure. All the data written to HDDs is raid protected. It further offers multi-level protection of all writes to its system.


    OmniCube offers an extensive set of serviceability features including Call Home facility to contact SimpliVity support in case of problems with system health. It also offers capabilities to automatically collect diagnostic Support Captures.

    Installation and Upgradability

    OmniCube offers a fully automated wizard driven installation experience for deploying new OmniCube systems and upgrading the software on existing systems.


    OmniCube offers an extensive list of features with key emphasis on Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics.


    OmniCube is backed by SimpliVity's world class customer service and support offering, which includes 24x7x365 live support for calls and support tickets.

SimpliVity's IT infrastructure technology is powering modern data centers globally, from small environments to some of the world's largest global enterprises. SimpliVity's OmniStackTM, is a revolutionary data architecture that empowers IT teams to easily deploy scalable pools of x86 resources for the virtualized environment, and delivers the world's most efficient and functionally rich IT infrastructure.

OmniStack is the core technology within OmniCubeTM, the world's only globally federated and hyper-converged infrastructure platform. OmniCube is a powerful data center building block that assimilates the core functions of server, storage and networking in addition to a wide range of advanced functionality including: native VM-level backup, WAN optimization, bandwidth efficient replication for DR, cache accelerated performance, and cloud integration. OmniCube systems scale up in the data center to meet the performance and capacity requirements of any environment, and scale out globally to enable IT teams to elegantly move and protect the virtual machines and their data across the OmniCube Global Federation.

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