Network Attached & Unified Storage

Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage is designed to separate storage resources from network and application servers, in order to simplify storage management and improve the reliability, performance and efficiency of the network, thus increasing the overall productivity of your organization.

Network Attached Storage devices attach directly to your existing LAN. A file system is located and managed on the NAS device and data is transferred to clients over industry standard network protocols, using industry standard file sharing protocols (SMB/CIFS, AFP, NFS or HTTP). This intelligence on the NAS device enables data sharing among heterogeneous network clients.

Unified Data Storage

Unified Data Storage systems provide both file and block-level access to storage resources for NAS and SAN environments. Basically, it's a Network Attached Storage server and Storage Area Network target all in one appliance. Total cost of ownership is reduced by combining multiple storage technologies into one hardware platform and one management interface. Unified Data Storage appliances reduce the cost of hardware, management, training, power, rack space, and support.

Network Attached & Unified Data Storage

DakotaStor Storage Servers

DakotaStor Storage Servers provide maximum capacity and performance in minimal space, ideal for use in Enterprise, Data Center and Cloud Computing environments.

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Nasuni is the first vendor to deliver Storage Infrastructure as a Service (SIaaS), a solution that replaces traditional storage.

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