• Nasuni is SIaaS that replaces traditional storage by consolidating the necessary operations to protect, manage, store, access and share data, into a single service. Nasuni combines the attributes of cloud storage with an on-premises controller all managed by a proprietary technology designed to deliver the same IT management and user experience provided by traditional storage.

    With Nasuni, organizations are more productive and agile than ever before, with the ability to:

    • Streamline and Reduce Costs - Instead of spending money on complex hardware with an elusive ROI, storage costs correlate with the capacity consumed by each business unit.

    • Increase Productivity - Data is available in every location and on every device - including mobile. With consistent, fast access to the most current versions of data, users spend less time waiting for files. IT resources are optimized and focused on delivering value by managing data, not infrastructure.

    • Mitigate Risk - Risk of data loss and downtime is eliminated with improved data protection and consistent availability, combined with active monitoring by Nasuni.

    • Improve Agility - The business is more responsive to changes in the environment, including expanding to new offices, receiving an influx of data and supporting mobile devices.

    Employing Nasuni, organizations transform resource constrained IT departments into strategic assets delivering uniform, efficient access to data wherever and whenever it is needed.

  • Nasuni SIaaS addresses the challenges organizations face with traditional storage infrastructure by delivering:

    Consolidated Storage - Traditional hardware storage solutions are costly, complex systems that are a burden for IT. With Nasuni, organizations no longer have to buy, manage and update a hardware storage infrastructure.

    Superior Functionality - Data is an organization's most critical asset and downtime is not an option. The Nasuni Service surpasses traditional storage solutions by providing maximum data protection, an unmatched user experience and 100% availability.

    Uniform Infrastructure - Limited IT resources force organizations to make tradeoffs in data performance and protection for each office. With Nasuni, the same superior protection and enterprise-level experience is available to every user in every office.

    Everywhere Access - Distributing and sharing information across a traditional storage system requires specialized components and adds complexity. Providing access to a single global namespace, the Nasuni Service optimizes data access, distribution and sharing with no added cost or complexity.

    Unlimited Scalability - Today's hardware-based storage systems limit scalability and flexibility. In the Nasuni Service, data is separated from the hardware; organizations can instantly scale capacity or add new locations in minutes. All without any change to the on-premises controller.

  • Nasuni's solution is comprised of three components that together deliver the ultimate storage system for distributed enterprises. By combining on-premises hardware, cloud storage and an integrated service, Nasuni provides a system that dramatically reduces the cost, risk and complexity of enterprise-wide storage systems:

    On-premises storage controller: Like any enterprise storage system, it begins on-site. The Nasuni storage controller (Nasuni Filer) can be deployed either as hardware or a virtual machine and serves as a local cache for the most recently accessed data. Nasuni appliances provide storage for files, databases, and virtual machines accessible via standard protocols (CIFS/NFS/iSCSI/HTTPS). Nasuni appliances also provide the critical link that makes cloud storage secure by encrypting mission critical business IP both at flight and at rest and managing access through Active Directory.

    Best-in-class cloud storage: Cloud storage is the hard drive of the next generation storage system Nasuni has built. Nasuni uses cloud storage to power a solution that can scale as customers increase terabytes, offices, or geographies. In addition, Nasuni has done extensive testing and comparison of cloud storage vendors, ensuring Nasuni we use only the best of the best when it comes to this critical component.

    Active Monitoring Systems: Nasuni provides an industry leading SLA guaranteeing access and availability. To accomplish this, we monitor every local storage controller along with the cloud storage. Averaging more than 3 field reports per second from all over the world, Nasuni can deliver service levels much higher than hardware-only solutions.

Nasuni is the first vendor to deliver Storage Infrastructure as a Service (SIaaS), a solution that replaces traditional storage by consolidating the necessary operations to store, protect, access and share data, into a single service. The Nasuni Solution combines cloud storage with an on-premises storage controller powered by a proprietary technology that delivers the same user experience as traditional storage with less IT overhead.

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