Advanced Media Services was founded in 1991 to provide OEM contract storage and server manufacturing services for a select few companies in the metropolitan Boston area in need of a quality, dedicated, flexible, and prudent business partner.

After the CD-ROM emerged as the medium of choice for storing and distributing information and software, organizations required an efficient way to deliver CD-ROM-based content over their networks. With a dedication to customer service, a strict manufacturing background, and a working knowledge of network computing and mass storage, we emerged as a high-quality manufacturer of CD networking solutions.

When data-intensive applications and the Internet fueled an increasing demand for network storage, and network environments grew more complex, the cost of storage management became a major issue for most organizations. We responded to the need for a simpler, more efficient way to store and deliver data by creating the Dakota family of network attached storage appliances and Heritage family of direct and SAN attached RAID systems.

Innovations in disk drive technology soon changed the way IT professionals planned, managed, budgeted and even thought about storage. Low cost, high capacity ATA and SATA disk-based RAID systems began making it possible and affordable for organizations to implement storage strategies such as disk-based backup and online data archiving, which traditionally had been cost prohibitive using SCSI and Fibre Channel drives. By integrating high quality ATA and SATA disk drives with SCSI, Fibre Channel, and Ethernet technologies, we responded again, delivering affordable high capacity network and direct attached storage solutions to the marketplace.

When iSCSI technology created a more affordable way for organizations to implement a Storage Area Network (SAN), our iSCSI partner, EqualLogic, took the market by storm. As their customers demanded unified storage capability, they approached us for help. Working in conjunction with their engineering team, we developed our DakotaNAS-EQ, a NAS Gateway providing file services for their successful PS Series of iSCSI SAN products.

Today, we continue to produce simple, cost-effective information management solutions that provide superior price/performance, high reliability, and ease of installation, management and use. Guided by a philosophy of customer service, we strive to provide a total package of technology, quality, service, support, and value in order to increase your productivity and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Our strategy is to partner with the technology leaders of today and tomorrow. This enables us to continually integrate leading edge technology into our products and solutions, in response to customer needs and market demands, and provide affordable solutions to the dynamic world of information storage and protection.

Quality at AMS goes beyond hardware and software. It is a corporate commitment and a total respect for the customer, starting at product conception and continuing through initial inquiry to after sale support.

Since our inception, we have manufactured and shipped over 35,000 storage systems, network servers and workstations.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin

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