FalconStor VTL

Virtual Tape Library with Deduplication Drives the Fastest, Most Scalable Disk-based Backup

Performance, reliability, scalability
FalconStor® Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is the industry's market-leading virtual tape solution, unmatched in performance and scalability. With virtual tape, backups complete faster and more reliably, with little or no change needed to the backup environment. Sophisticated physical tape integration and data deduplication complete the solution.

Designed as an enterprise-class application, FalconStor VTL can support small and ROBO environments through storage appliances and small-footprint virtual appliances, and is also available as a high-availability (HA) clustered solution

Backup speeds up to 12GB/sec
FalconStor VTL can achieve single node backup speeds of 1.5GB per second, or over 5TB per hour, allowing users to solve the single biggest issue in backup: meeting the backup window. Up to eight nodes can combine into a single logical unit, scaling performance to a remarkable 12GB per second, or 43TB per hour.

Concurrent deduplication rates of over 500MB/sec per node
Deduplication can be performed concurrently with the backup or after the backup completes, optimizing storage efficiency without affecting the backup window. Supporting the latest high-speed protocols, including 8Gb Fibre Channel (FC) and 10Gb Ethernet, FalconStor VTL can sustain deduplication rates of over 500 MB/sec per node, linearly scaling in performance as cluster nodes are added. Typical deduplication ratios of 20:1 reduce your storage footprint by 95% or more, allowing you to keep weeks or months worth of data on disk for fast, dependable restore, without the reliability concerns of tape or the performance impact of other deduplication solutions.

Industry's most sophisticated integration with physical tape libraries
Many organizations require tape for long-term, offsite, or archival storage. FalconStor VTL has the industry's most sophisticated integration with physical tape libraries, allowing you to directly export data to physical tape, leveraging the speed of the VTL without impacting your backup network.

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