• Server Powered Storage System

    The DVX is the first Enterprise storage system to split server-powered performance from network-attached durable capacity as a single end-to-end system. Performance uses host compute and flash, driven by Datrium software uploaded to the host. Durable capacity is on an integrated external storage appliance that also coordinates the system.

    This split allows enterprise data services to be more dynamic and predictably faster at lower cost, while isolating faults and localizing speed for increased control.

    The DVX is fully VM-centric, and a vSphere operator can run it with no SAN training.

    The appliance is a DVX NetShelf. It’s mechanically like an array (dual-controller HA, NVRAM, capacity drives). But we moved all data services and speed elements out. It doesn’t even do RAID internally. Data here is organized for streaming host-flash uploads. Install the NetShelf, then upload software to vSphere hosts to do the rest.

    Speed provisioning (CPU/RAM, flash) is commodity / HCL, and local per host so it can grow linearly. Flash is cheap and abundant: a massive read cache is well suited to blade and other modular servers. Read latency is low and predictable by getting rid of network hops.

    DVX Hyperdriver host software offloads reads and accelerates writes. It performs inline dedupe and compression to local flash, offloaded instant vDisk clones, RAID for the NetShelf and all other data services you’d expect from a modern Enterprise storage system. It’s designed for strong isolation and locality of faults and performance.

  • Shared Capacity Appliance for Durable Data

    Durable capacity in the DVX is physically isolated and shared using the Datrium NetShelf. The NetShelf a simple, stripped down, network-attached 2U drive enclosure appliance, which includes NVRAM for fast write durability, and dual-controller HA. The NetShelf has no traditional storage artifacts to manage. No LUNs, no drive groups, no caches, no SANs. It’s just a highly available pool of shared capacity connected by 10Gb Ethernet.

    HA. The NetShelf has dual controllers and dual-attach drives for active/passive failover. It has drives for capacity. It exports neither blocks nor files, so has no LUNs or volumes to administer. It works with DiESL software to back host-based NFS data services. RAID 6 is calculated and distributed by hosts. There is one spare drive equivalent.

    NVRAM & data fault tolerance. Each controller has NVRAM, and each write is mirrored at low latency before returning control to a VM. So if a host fails, there’s no impact to data fault tolerance and no data loss; no host drive rebuilds or migrations would be required. Each controller has 2 ports for10GB Ethernet, for switch failover. The IP based protocol between the hosts and the NetShelf is custom built.

    Capacity. Each NetShelf includes 29TB of useable capacity, post RAID, spare and overhead. Typical enterprise data with dedupe and compression reduces by 2x – 6x, but some workloads can be much higher (e.g. VDI, test/development). So effective capacity is estimated to be 60TB – 180TB. When you buy a DVX, we ship the NetShelf. The NetShelf includes all DVX DiESL software, with a license for an unlimited number of hosts.

  • Simple, Efficient, Dynamic Scaling for VMs

    Manage Storage Like VMs

    Datrium DiESL (Distributed Execution, Shared Logs) is the name of the DVX software and file system. Part of it runs on server hypervisors, part of it runs in the associated DVX NetShelf. It enables storage scaling for VMs to be simple, efficient and dynamic.

    Scale simply. Management is simple, cohesive, and end-to-end, available through a vCenter plugin. Adding hosts or flash is done through vSphere.

    Scale efficiently. DiESL was designed from the ground up with end-to-end compression, deduplication and instant zero-copy clones at the per-VM level. It was designed by ex-VMware Principal Engineers to fit cleanly in the VMware vSphere ecosystem.

    Scale dynamically. DiESL enables storage to be managed like VMs for dynamic datacenters. If a VM’s storage is slow, just vMotion to a host with more cache or compute headroom.

    The DVX Datastore presents as NFS to ESXi, but NFS terminates within the host DiESL software. With this approach, all VMs and vDisks are discretely identifiable for latency breakdowns across host elements, networks and the NetShelf itself, even in pre-vVol version 5.5. The IP based protocol from hosts to the NetShelf is custom built.


By using spare CPU on commodity Hosts with local SSDs, Datrium DVX storage is:


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