• Back Up Everyone, Everywhere.

    Let's face it. Users store business data on laptops and desktops, even if they're not supposed to. And mission-critical data-including sensitive, executive-level information-exists exclusively on these endpoint devices.

    If your company isn't protecting this data-or relies on inadequate methods to do so-it risks a data loss incident at any given moment. In fact, industry surveys estimate that more than half of critical corporate data resides on unprotected desktops and laptops.

    Endpoint data risks:
    • Equipment damage/failure
    • User error
    • Theft or loss
    • IT initiatives that jeopardize data access or security

    Today's organizations need to know information living on their desktops and laptops is protected and secure. They need to know data can be quickly and easily recovered whenever needed.

    And that's why there's CrashPlan PROe.

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  • Enterprise Endpoint Backups and Restores

    Back up data to multiple locations for the highest level of availability, convenience and protection.

    Cross-Platform Protection
    Protect Mac, PC, Linux and Solaris platforms via a consistent user experience.

    End-to-End Security
    Upon backup activation, data is automatically encrypted on the device via 448-bit encryption before it is saved to a local backup device or transported across the LAN, WAN or Internet; data remains encrypted during transit and storage. Dual-factor authentication also is supported.

    Data De-Duplication
    Block-level data de-duplication means only new/changed information within a file-not repeated information-is backed up.

    Unlimited Backups
    With PROe, unlimited really means unlimited:
    • No limits on storage
    • No limits on file size
    • No limits on versions
    • No limits on archives

    Customizable Backup Sets
    Send different groups of files with different backup settings to different destinations. Users may select settings different from or in addition to content admins back up per IT policy.

    Flexible File Selection and Schedules
    Back up any type of file (unless otherwise specified by the administrator). Adjust backup settings to meet specific needs.

    Backup Frequency
    Default minimum frequency is one minute, but users and admins can adjust as needed.

    Mobile Access to Data
    Download, view and share PROe-protected files from any iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Kindle mobile device. Synchronize your favorite files via One-Touch Update.

    Admin- and User-Initiated Restore
    Users leverage Web Restore for self-restores, even from a mobile device. Admins use Push Restore to push protected data to a new or existing device.

    Guaranteed Restore
    A backup verification process checks the health of backup archives days, weeks, months and years after the original data blocks have been backed up, so any user or admin can recover backed up files based on date, time or incremental version. Users can easily search for specific files, and cross-platform restores are supported across any available network medium.

    Universal Networking
    Use whichever connection is available-wireless, wired or cellular-for backups and restores. Whitelist or blacklist specific networks based on preferences.

    Automated Data Seeding for Private Clouds
    Simplify initial backups for private clouds, saving both time and bandwidth.

    Invisible Client Footprint
    Continue to work uninterrupted thanks to a lightweight client footprint and self-optimizing technology that steps out of the way when end user workloads are detected.

    Enterprise Endpoint Backup Management

    Unified Admin Console/HTML5 Interface
    Manage backup for your entire enterprise - including policies, profiles and data retention - for all platforms, from a single console.
    • Enforce data retention policies
    • Ensure compliance
    • Specify backup timing and security settings

    And thanks to HTML5, the admin console looks just as great on your tablet as it does on your laptop or desktop.

    Evaluation User Accounts
    Bypass procurement delays to protect data for new users. Onboard users and start backing up their data, then just convert evaluation user accounts to active licenses within 30 days to continue protecting their data.

    Tiered Administration and Customizable User Roles
    Fine-tune profiles and settings to fit the way you manage and perform backup operations.

    Customizable Installers
    Conduct automated, mass rollouts to any desktop platform using popular desktop management suites, such as JAMF Casper Suite. Silent installs also are supported.

    Controlled Client Upgrades
    Upgrade production servers first, then manually test a small sample of client device upgrades before upgrading all client devices enterprise-wide.

    Single Sign-On Support/Identity Management
    Integrate seamlessly with Open Directory or Active Directory via LDAP, Radius for dual-factor authentication, and Shibboleth/SAML 2.0 for federated, cross-domain single sign-on (multiple integrations supported).

    Daily Integrity Tests
    Daily integrity tests verify protected files can be restored, with errors automatically detected and corrected. Automated alerts notify you of issues that cannot be corrected.

    Real-Time, Customizable Reporting
    No waiting for reports to run; get statistics or live data on backup status as it happens-rolled up for the entire enterprise-or easily drill down to individual users and devices. Develop customized reporting solutions using PROe's REST API.

    Automatic, Optimized Storage Management
    Optimize storage and bandwidth across all storage volumes. Clusters and innovative mesh technology let you assign any combination of servers and storage volumes into automatically managed destinations.
    • Data balancing automatically equalizes archive storage across servers and storage volumes
    • I/O balancing assigns users to store points based on available I/O performance
    • Smart assignment rules allow you to assign backup destinations for new devices

    Proactive License Management
    Receive proactive notifications of licenses needing a refresh via a console license screen displaying licensing by user counts and indicating required refresh dates.

  • For IT/HelpDesk

    • One admin can support thousands of users
    • No data/storage limits on backups

    You choose where your data goes-public or private cloud
    • Cross-platform support-both backups and restores
    • Easy scaling as needs grow
    • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
    • Flexible reporting and delivery options
    • Minimal impact on users
    • User-based licensing
    • Easy license management

    Easy Management
    • Easy management of backup for any number of users
    • Single dashboard console
    • Centrally managed client upgrades
    • Seamless user onboarding/offboarding

    • Single dashboard console
    • Fast time to protection
    • Hands-off management of archives
    • No more painstaking backup archive migrations
    • Self-service data migrations by end users

    • Self-managed archives
    • Self-healing archives
    • Tamper-proof archives
    • Automatic alerts

    • One solution for all platforms

    Cost savings thanks to built-in technology efficiencies
    • Zero end user training needed

    Fully Vetted
    • Same technology powers the backup of millions of devices in our consumer cloud-you benefit from lessons learned in that real-world "test" environment
    • Your users have already voted for us-Informationweek, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Lifehacker, The New York Times, Inc. and PC World have all named CrashPlan the top online backup solution for consumers

    For End Users

    Intuitive and Easy to Use
    • Continuous, invisible, uninterrupted backup
    • Consistent experience regardless of platform
    • Simple, self-service data restore
    • No training needed

    • Mobile access to data
    • Adjustable backup settings
    • More choices about where and how backups take place

  • Cloud Destinations

    Only CrashPlan PROe Lets YOU Decide where Your Critical Business Data is Stored.
    CrashPlan PROe's powerful backup destination flexibility empowers your enterprise to decide where its data is stored.

    Back up your data to our public cloud or run an instance of our public cloud on-premise, in your own data center, inside your firewall.

    With either approach - your data is secure, and you benefit from the dynamic improvements and developments continuously underway for our industry-recognized public cloud.

    Private Cloud - Total Control of Your Data.
    Does your IT strategy mandate on-premise or inside-the-firewall solutions? Need total control over your data and destiny? Have existing, internal data center infrastructure you want to leverage for endpoint backup?

    If one or more of these sound familiar, then a CrashPlan PROe private cloud might be the perfect solution for your enterprise.

    Key Benefits:
    • The ultimate in data security since all encryption keys are kept within your firewall
    • You control your data
    • 24 / 7 monitoring and support via Code 42 Customer Champions

    Managed Private Cloud Data Sheet

    Managed Private Cloud Specifications

    Public Cloud - Ready-to-Go, On-Demand.
    Want to provide self-service backup and restore capabilities to your end users via a trusted, offsite data center expert? Do you work for a larger, global organization lacking data centers in certain geographic regions? Or maybe your company adopted a cloud-only application strategy?

    If so, CrashPlan PROe's public cloud might be right for you.

    Key Benefits:
    • Ready on demand
    • Global data centers for fast, convenient service and compliance with global requirements
    • No barriers to implementation since no infrastructure is required
    • No data lock-in, so you can take your data private at any time
    • Low, upfront cost

A large amount of mission-critical data exists exclusively on laptops and desktops-i.e. "endpoints"-making them a primary source of unnecessary (and often unrecognized) data loss risk for today's organizations.

Thousands of companies trust CrashPlan to protect mission-critical business data stored on laptops and desktops. As one of the largest online backup services in the world, CrashPlan is consistently recognized as the top solution available today for personal and enterprise backup, protecting exabytes of data across millions of devices worldwide.

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