• Multiple Host Connectivity Choices:
    8 Gb FC & 6 Gb/s SAS (4 FC & 2 SAS per controller)
    1 Gb iSCSI & 6 Gb/s SAS (4 iSCSI & 2 SAS per controller)
    10 Gb iSCSI & 6 Gb/s SAS (2 iSCSI & 2 SAS per controller)
    6 Gb/s SAS (2 or 4 SAS per controller)

    6 Gb/s SAS Technology - High performance next-generation back-end storage architecture.

    Active-Active Failover Support - Enables you to create high performance, high availability storage environments.

    Cache Protection via Flash Memory - Mirrored data cache with battery backup and de-stage to flash provides for permanent data protection during power outage.

    Performance - Bandwidth up to 4,000 MB/s on sustained reads, over 40,000 IOP/s on random disk reads, and burst I/O from cache of 200,000 IOP/s. An optional Turbo Performance feature boosts the performance of a TigerHawk 2600 FC or SAS system across both throughput and IOPs workloads.

    Flexibility and Efficiency - Intermix 15K SAS drives, Nearline SAS drives, and solid state drives for tiered storage solution in one box. Adjust storage parameters, through SANtricity® Storage Manager software, to tailor the storage to specific application and workload needs, reducing wasteful over-provisioning and decreasing the administration time for deployment.

    Advanced RAID Features - Includes Dynamic RAID level and segment size migration, non-disruptive controller firmware upgrades, and the ability to upgrade drive firmware online through the controller.

    Enhanced Power Saving Technology - Delivers new energy-saving features without impacting performance, scalability or functionality, resulting in lower overall annual energy expenditures.

    Optional Premium Features

    Volume Snapshot - creates a point-in-time (PiT) image, or logical copy, of a storage volume enabling secondary servers to access a suspended version of production data for a variety of applications.

    Volume Copy - creates a complete physical copy (clone) of a volume within a storage system. The clone volume is a unique entity that can be assigned to any host and used by applications requiring a full PiT copy of production data.

    Remote Volume Mirror - protects the information stored on your TigerHawk storage by continuously replicating, or mirroring, local data to a remote storage system.

    Turbo Performance - boosts the performance of a TigerHawk FC or SAS system across both throughput and IOPs workloads. This implementation is based on a firmware algorithm and does not require any new hardware dependencies.

    SafeStore® Encryption Services - AES-128 bit encryption and simplified key management protect data throughout the drive's lifecycle without sacrificing performance.

  • SANtricity® Storage Manager - A simple to use, JAVA-based GUI which provides powerful tools to storage administrators for administering TigerHawk storage arrays. With SANtricity software, all aspects of storage management including administrative tasks, configuration, reconfiguration, expansion and maintenance can be performed while allowing continuous access to user data. Providing a consistent interface across all operating systems, SANtricity allows TigerHawk storage systems to be managed and monitored from any system on the network lowering storage management cost through centralized management. Along with a full complement of standard storage management features, SANtricity software also supports premium features that are fully integrated, creating a single point of control for all storage administration, partitioning and replication functionality.

    VMware vCenter™ Plug-In 2.0 - This plug-in enables administrators to monitor and manage their storage system in a VMware environment from a single pane of glass and perform a common set of storage provisioning tasks without switching between multiple user interfaces.

    Microsoft VDS/VSS Providers - Microsoft Virtual Disk Service (VDS) and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) providers are designed to improve the efficiency of backup management processes for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server environments.

    Proactive Drive Health Monitoring - Examines every completed drive I/O and tracks the rate of error and exception conditions returned by the drives, as well as drive performance degradation that is often associated with unreported internal drive issues. Using predictive failure analysis technology, when any error rate or degraded performance threshold is exceeded - indicating that a drive is showing signs of impending failure - SANtricity software issues a critical alert message and takes corrective action necessary to protect the data.

    Intuitive Diagnostics and Recovery Guru - SANtricity lists array problems, reasons for failure, offers possible solutions, and provides step-by-step instructions.

    Multi-Pathing I/O Protection - provides multi-path I/O functionality by recognizing and managing the redundant paths to an individual RAID volume. Greater reliability is achieved through the path failover mechanism in the event of cabling component failure.

  • Single and Dual Controller

    SAS-15K RPM, NL SAS-7200 RPM, & Solid State Drives

    Mix different drive types for multi-tiered storage in a single enclosure

    JBOD expansion up to 192 drives (180 on 60 Bay Models)

    2 Host Storage Partitions Standard, Upgradeable to 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 96, & 128

    Host Interfaces:
    8 Gb FC & 6 Gb/s SAS (4 FC & 2 SAS per controller)
    1 Gb iSCSI & 6 Gb/s SAS (4 iSCSI & 2 SAS per controller)
    10 Gb iSCSI & 6 Gb/s SAS (2 iSCSI & 2 SAS per controller)
    6 Gb/s SAS (2 or 4 SAS per controller)

    2612: 2U - 12 Bay, 3.5" Drives
    2624: 2U - 24 Bay, 2.5" Drives
    2660: 4U - 60 Bay, 3.5" Drives

    Supported Drives:
    3.5" 15K SAS: 600GB, 450GB, 300GB
    2.5" 10K SAS: 900 GB, 600GB, 450GB, 300GB, 146GB
    3.5" 7200 SAS: 3000 GB, 2000GB, 1000GB
    2.5" 7200 SAS: 1000GB, 500 GB
    3.5" SLC SSD: 300GB, 150GB
    2.5" SLC SSD: 200GB, 100GB

  • Below are application notes and white papers on the features of TigerHawk 2600. Give us a call if you have any questions.

    TigerHawk 2600 Downloads:
    TigerHawk 2600 Datasheet.pdf

    Best Practices:
    Microsoft Exchange.pdf
    Microsoft Hyper-V.pdf
    SQL Server.pdf

    SANtricity Simulator:
    SANtricity Simulator Overview.pdf
    SANtricity Simulator.zip
    Compatibility Matrix.pdf

Flexible, Cost-Effective SMB Storage Systems

TigerHawk 2600, featuring the latest in 6 Gb/s SAS back-end technology, are mid-range storage systems designed for performance, data availability, flexibility, and scalability. By delivering all this in a simple and affordable package, TigerHawk 2600 meets the exploding data storage needs of today's IT departments.

TigerHawk 2600 gives you the flexibility to architect a storage system that meets your current and future application requirements. Optional data protection services can be licensed at any time to provide additional data security. For bandwidth and I/O intensive workloads, a Turbo Performance license option boosts performance without the need for additional hardware. TigerHawk's state-of-the-art chassis design enables you to intermix high performance 6 Gb/s Solid State, 15K RPM, and near-line 7200 RPM SAS drives and create multi-tiered storage solution in a single enclosure. Entry-level, single controller systems can be upgraded to high availability active/active configurations by simply adding a second controller. As your capacity needs grow, the SAS expansion ports enable JBOD expansion up to 192 drives.

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