• Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 - Storage optimized version of Windows Server 2008 R2 serves files 15-20% faster than a general purpose Windows Server.

    Unified NAS & iSCSI - Microsoft's iSCSI Software Target 3.3 enables file and block level storage services in one appliance

    6 Gb/s SAS - High performance storage architecture.

    File Services Resource Manager (FSRM) - Single-management interface that delivers better managed file services across CIFS/SMB and NFS, as well as improved control and compliance over files.

    File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) - Provides insight into your data by automating classification processes so that you can manage your data more effectively.

    Single Instance Storage (SIS) - Data de-duplication technology that recovers disk space by reducing the amount of redundant data stored on a volume.

    Server Message Block (SMB) version 2.1 - Faster and more efficient than previous versions of the protocol. SMB 2.1 is also optimized for low bandwidth connectivity and improved for better flexibility, compatibility and resiliency for clients running Windows 7.

    Storage Manager for SANs - Helps you create and manage logical unit numbers (LUNs) on Fibre Channel and iSCSI disk drive subsystems in your storage area network (SAN).

    Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Snapshots - Enables system administrators to make up to 512 snapshots per volume (of which 64 are reserved for Shadow Copies for Shared Folders) using applications that have a VSS requestor.

    Shadow Copies for Shared Folders (SCSF) - Enables users to restore accidentally deleted or overwritten files or entire folders without the need for IT intervention.

    Distributed File System (DFS) Replication - DFS replication and namespaces provide organizations with data protection and better access to data and simplified access to files and shares across a network-wide infrastructure.

    Network File System (NFS) - Enables organizations with heterogeneous environments to consolidate their file sharing resources on Windows Storage Server. Computers running Windows and other operating systems can easily share data.

    CacheCade SSD Acceleration - Advanced software option that is designed to accelerate the performance of HDD arrays with only an incremental investment in SSD technology.

    Print Management - Enables you to view and manage printers and print servers in your organization.

  • MMC-Based Management Console - enables administrators to perform the majority of storage management tasks from a central location.

    Web RDP Management - Full-screen management from any Windows system (ActiveX) or any non-Windows client (Java RDP).

    IPMI 2.0 Management with Dedicated LAN - Monitors onboard instrumentation such as temperature sensors, power status, voltages and fan speed, and provides remote power control capabilities to reboot and/or reset the appliance.

    Out-of-Box Experience - Incorporates a single configuration utility that starts automatically at logon, guiding administrators through the initial setup. For common configuration tasks, administrators will have access to all the appropriate tools through the "Initial Configuration Tasks" interface.

    File Services Resource Manager (FSRM) - Is a single-management interface that delivers better managed file services across CIFS/SMB and NFS, as well as improved control and compliance over files.

    Unified Share and Storage Management - With the Share and Storage Management snap-in, you can easily set up and manage shared folders and storage.

    Security - Enterprise level security of Windows Server 2008 R2.

    Print Management - Enables you to view and manage printers and print servers in your organization.

    System Recovery - DakotaStor-WP2 features an on-disk operating system recovery image for simple recovery to factory default settings. A system recovery DVD or USB stick is also included for bare-metal operating system recovery.

  • Industry Standard Hardware - State-of-the-art commodity hardware platform

    SATA, SAS, & Solid State Drives

    3.5" Drive Models
    4 Bay 1U Rack - Up to 12 TB Raw, 2 or 4 - GbE NICs
    4 Bay Tower - Up to 12 TB Raw, 2 or 4 - GbE NICs
    8 Bay 2U Rack - Up to 24 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    8 Bay Tower - Up to 24 TB Raw, 2 or 4 - GbE NICs
    12 Bay 2U Rack - Up to 36 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    16 Bay 2U Rack - Up to 48 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    24 Bay 4U Rack - Up to 72 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    36 Bay 4U Rack - Up to 108 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs

    2.5" Drive Models
    8 Bay 1U Rack - Up to 8 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    24 Bay 2U rack- Up to 24 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs

    10 Gb Ethernet
    JBOD Expansion up to 96 Drives per Expansion Port
    Additional network cards, RAID controllers, FC, SAS, or SCSI HBAs.

  • DakotaStor WP2 Downloads:
    DakotaStor-WP2 Datasheet.pdf
    Double-Take Availability.pdf

    Windows Storage Server 2008 R2

    Storage Technology Facts
    Default cluster size for NTFS, FAT, and exFAT (256 TB NTFS limit)
    How NTFS works (256 TB limit)
    Reviewing Storage Limits
    How to calculate the LUN limit per HBA

    Performance Tuning Guidelines
    Important tuning parameters and settings that you can adjust to improve the performance and energy efficiency of the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system.

    NFS Account Mapping Whitepaper
    Covers Network File System (NFS) account mapping and the deployment in Windows Server 2008 R2 (NFS is a network file sharing protocol that allows remote access to files over a network.)

    Operational TCO Comparison
    Windows Server 2008 File Services vs. Dedicated Storage System Vendors (Done by the Edison Group).

DakotaStor-WP2, is a flexible unified network storage appliance powered by Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, the latest in Microsoft® storage technology and provides easy-to-manage file and block level storage, as well as print services from the one appliance at a low cost of ownership.

Featuring next generation 6 Gb/s SAS architecture, DakotaStor-WP2 is a cost-effective, high performance, versatile storage appliance that delivers seamless interoperability, solid reliability and simple-to-manage storage resources for heterogeneous network environments. Just attach it to your existing network and within minutes you can provide NAS shares and iSCSI targets to Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh clients. Gateway models enable you to provide NAS and iSCSI capability for existing SAN storage or design a scalable, highly available unified storage appliance.

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