• Storage Optimized Linux-Based Operating System - Provides low overhead and streamlined performance.

    CD/DVD Sharing - Enables you to create and manage up to 4,096 RAID protected CD/DVD images for fast and easy CD/DVD sharing. Features include volume sets, remote imaging, local CD/DVD emulation & title management software.

    CD/DVD Burning - Enables you to archive data to CD or DVD-R media via the web browser management interface. Supports CD-R/RW and DVD+RW, DVD-DL, and Blu-Ray.

    NAS Functionality - Enables you to create dedicated file serving volumes.

    RAID Functionality - Supports RAID 0,1,5,6, and 10 with global hot-spare and RAID expansion capability.

    Multi-Protocol Connectivity - Attaches directly to your existing network and transfers data over industry standard network access protocols (TCP/IP or AppleTalk) using standard file sharing protocols (SMB/CIFS, NFS, AFP, FTP or HTTP). Cross-platform connectivity provides a common storage resource and increased user productivity.

    SmartSync Disaster Recovery - Embedded data synchronization tool that allows two or more DakotaRAID-LP units to mirror each other over a LAN or WAN automatically and efficiently.

    SmartExtend Disaster Recovery - Enables you to manage storage resource for multiple DakotaRAID-LP units on the network as a single IP Storage network. That's mean better resource utilization, ease of storage management and simpler expansion of storage infrastructure.

    Snapshots - Creates a read-only copy of the contents of the NAS Appliance at a particular point in time. Users can access the snapshots and easily restore previous versions of files or folders without having to contact a system administrator. Standard on 8520 model and optional on others.

    Virus Protection - Embedded antivirus software provides trustworthy and instant virus protection. Real-time, scheduled or manual virus scanning options protect your data from virus attacks around the clock. Automatic virus pattern updates from Trend Micro keeps virus protection up to date.

  • Powerful and Intuitive Web-Based User Interface - Enables simple remote management of the storage appliance via web-browser, and can be easily managed from anywhere within the network over Secured Socket Layer (SSL).

    LCD Console - For setting IP addresses and displaying system information.

    Volume Sets - Enables you to group CD/DVDs and share as volume sets or make all CD/DVD images as folders under one share.

    Network Security - Supports Windows Active Directory (AD), Primary Domain Controller (PDC), and and Unix Network Information Services (NIS).

    NAStart™ Software - Provides server discovery, quick setup, and system configuration backup/restore.

    eMulateCD™ Software - Provides emulation of network folders on DakotaRAID-LP as native CD/DVD titles on your workstation.

    eContent™ Software - Provides CD/DVD library management.

    Local Data Backup - Embedded tape backup tools provide multiple backup options including full/incremental backups and scheduling. Local backup devices include SCSI AIT, DLT, Super DLT, & LTO. Built-in tape backup software conforms to open standards by adopting UNIX-tar format.

    Network Data Backup - Compatible with Veritas Backup Exec, CA BrightStor ARCserve, and all other major backup software applications.

    Event Notification - E-mail notification, SNMP management (MIB II) and system buzzer alerts.

    UPS Integration - Seamlessly integrates with the smart-signaling UPS systems and administrators can monitor and configure the UPS condition from the administration webpage.

  • Rackmount Models

    DL4010CR - 4 Bay 1U Rack, Celeron CPU, 4 Hot Swap SATA Drives, 1 Optical Drive
    DL4010PR - 4 Bay 1U Rack, Pentium CPU, 4 Hot Swap SATA Drives, 1 Optical Drive
    DL8010PR - 8 Bay 2U Rack, Pentium CPU, 8 Hot Swap SATA Drives, 1 Optical Drive

    Tower Models

    DL1144CT - 5 Bay Tower, Celeron CPU, 1 SATA Drive, 4 Optical Drives
    DL1144PT - 5 Bay Tower, Pentium CPU, 1 SATA Drive, 4 Optical Drives
    DL1188CT - 9 Bay Tower, Celeron CPU, 1 SATA Drive, 8 Optical Drives
    DL1188PT - 9 Bay Tower, Pentium CPU, 1 SATA Drive, 8 Optical Drives
    DL4011CT - 5 Bay Tower, Celeron CPU, 4 Hot Swap SATA Drives, 1 Optical Drive
    DL4011PT - 5 Bay Tower, Pentium CPU, 4 Hot Swap SATA Drives, 1 Optical Drive

  • DakotaRAID-LP is powered by Ingrasys' NAStorage server appliance. Ingrasys is an established manufacturer of Linux-Based storage software. Below are application notes and white papers on the features of DakotaRAID-LP's NAStorage operating system. Give us a call if you have any questions.

    DakotaStor-LP Downloads:
    DakotaStor-LP Datasheet.pdf

    Tech Notes:
    Data Archiving.pdf
    NAS to NAS Backup.pdf
    NAS to NAS Replication.pdf
    Virus Protection.pdf

Network Attached Storage & CD/DVD Caching Appliance

DakotaRAID-LP is a Linux powered Network Attached Storage & CD/DVD Caching Appliance. Just attach it to your existing network and within minutes you're ready to share RAID protected CD/DVD images and data files to Windows, UNIX, Linux and Macintosh clients. DakotaRAID-LP delivers advanced features at entry-level prices for applications such as CD/DVD content sharing, disc-based software installation, network CD/DVD burning, file serving, disk-to-disk backup, online archiving, data collection, disaster recovery, and email retention, just to name a few.

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